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SUNY Canton Hosts 150 Grade 4-12 Students for 2010 Youth Energy and Environmental Expo

North Country students demonstrated their knowledge about environmental and energy issues as they displayed their projects at the Youth Energy and Environmental Expo. Over 150 students, ranging from elementary through high school, filled the Miller Campus  Center at SUNY Canton for the annual event. Dominic Frongillo, a member of SustainUS and a youth delegate to the Copenhagen Climate Conference last December, was the keynote speaker. He delivered a multimedia message that youth can make a difference reducing their greenhouse gas emissions personally and advocating for policy changes at the national and international level.
The 75 science-fair type projects ranged from analysis of the benefits greenhouses and composting, to quantifying the efficiency of different renewable energy sources, to the design and construction of solar powered water heaters. Teams of volunteer judges interviewed the students to determine their subject knowledge, team work, and independence in completing their project. Trophies were awarded for first and second place based on grade level and topic. The winners were:

Level- grades 4-6

Topic – Analysis
First Place:      “Do Energy Star Refrigerators Use Less Energy?”                                                                       Sadie Rose Knight, Mara Vaccaro, Abigail Newton and Claire Jenkins                                                                        Colton-Pierrepont Central School District

Second Place: “Cut That Phantom Load”
Michael Shea, Sage Richards, Kylie Downey, Kim Distasio                                                                           Colton-Pierrepont Central School District

Topic – Science
First Place:      “Fiberglass vs. Cellulose: Which is better?                                                                               Alicia Garcia, Jillian Lincoln, Miranda McGaw, Ogdensburg City School District
Second Place: “Greenhouse Energy”                                                                                                                        Jessica Sheets, Mathew Caulkins, Madrid-Waddington Central School
Topic – Engineering
First Place:      “Wind  Power?”                                                                                                                               Allen Smithers, Danielle Guimond, Madison Bresett, Ogdensburg City School District
Second Place: “Plasma Converter”, Jay Schechter                                                                                                 Little River Community School

Level- grades 7-9

Topic – Analysis: Transportation
First Place:      “How to Make Your Car Green”.   Mackenzie Corse                                                               Little River Community School
Second Place: “Ways to Get to School”. Ellie Siegfried                                                                                         Little River Community School
Topic – Analysis: Saving Energy
First Place:      “Save Money Using Light Bulbs, Corey Lamb                                                                              Madrid-Waddington Central School District
Second Place: “Warming Poster”,    Kylee Gotham, Canton Central School District
Topic – Engineering
First Place:      “The Knight Water Heater, Mauve Bowdish, Jimmy Robinson, Jake Putney, Beth Crowley                          Lisbon Central School District
Second Place: “The Green Tower”,    Jackie Sovie , Lisbon Central School District

Level- grades 10-12

Topic – Analysis: Household
First Place:      “The Importance of Insulation”,  Andy Patterson, Sarah Bruw                                         Chateaugay Central School District
Second Place: “Wind vs. Coal”,    Jake Newman, Nate Christy,   Canton Central School District
Topic – Analysis: Miscellaneous
First Place:      “Hydropower “Julie Silhol-Perona, Kaitlin Flint,   Canton Central School
Second Place: “Peak Oil Video”,    Deana Murray, Brittaney Trombly, Norwood-Norfolk Central School
Topic – Analysis: Energy Sources
First Place:      “Solar Panel and Solar Highways”, Nicole Potter, Kayt Person                                          Canton Central School
Second Place: “Solar vs. Wind” Holly Fanning, Nicole Murdie, Canton Central School

Topic – Engineering
First Place:      “Cooking Oil to Biodiesel”,   Darrius Merrill, Jacoby Richards                                                       Chateaugay Central School
Second Place: “Let the Sun Shine”,   Donovan Adams, Brittany Schermerhorn, Ashley LaVair,                         
Gouverneur Central School

The Youth Energy and Environmental Expo (YEEE) was organized and sponsored by Clarkson University’s Office of Educational Partnerships and hosted by SUNY Canton.  Dr. Susan Powers of Clarkson University and Mike Newtown of  SUNY Canton coordinated this year's event.

The Potsdam Elks, Stewart’s Ice Cream, St. Lawrence University and the Wild Center all donated supplies and awards to share with the participants.  A large crew of volunteers helped through judging and coordinating the event.  These volunteers included representatives from the faculty, staff and students from SUNY Canton, Clarkson University and St. Lawrence University, the Potsdam Elks Lodge, Brookfield Power, the Wild Center, the Potsdam-Canton Transition Group, and the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES. YEEE is an annual event that encourages the use of relevant project to help improve the energy literacy of our region’s youth.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CSEA Does its Part for Campus Sustainability

SUNY Canton’s CSEA (Civil Service Employees Union) Local 603 is doing its part for campus sustainability through the purchase of energy efficient Energy Star appliances for employee break rooms. According to union President Joe Kelly the new equipment arrived during the Fall 2009 semester, and included eight refrigerators and nine microwave ovens.

The French Hall employee lounge has a new 21 cubic feet refrigerator, a 4.5 cubic feet refrigerator, and a microwave oven. Meanwhile the staff room in Cooper Service Building has a 21 cubic foot refrigerator and 2 microwave ovens.

The Campus Center, and the employee break rooms in the four residence halls have new 4.5 cubic feet refrigerators and new microwave ovens. The Wicks Hall break room also has a new microwave oven.

Older equipment can be very inefficient so the purchase of 17 new appliances by CSEA is another step in a larger campus-wide effort to conserve energy. Thanks to the members of CSEA for their contribution to this effort.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Green Pages Update

SUNY Canton Green Pages are off to a strong start in the first six weeks of existence. Through September 30th there were over 2000 visits to the Green Pages, despite the fact that the direct link from the SUNY Canton Home Page was temporarily replaced by the swine flu alert during early September.

Many people were unaware of various efforts to make the campus more sustainable, and the Green Pages were created to get the word out on all that was being done. Information is being added and updated regularly. Since their inception, new links for campus recycling, the draft State Energy Master Plan, utility usage data, and the campus environmental club have been included. Please send any ideas to

Sustainability Resources Fund Started

As part of SUNY Canton’s commitment to becoming a more sustainable institution we are pleased to announce the creation of a Sustainability Resources Fund as part of the Canton College Foundation. Associate Director of Advancement Julie Parkman and Sustainability Coordinator Doug Welch recently made a joint announcement to the campus community. Donations will be used to advance campus sustainability projects.

SUNY Canton employees interested in contributing to this new fund can do so either through a payroll deduction, or a one-time donation. Forms for starting a payroll deduction can be obtained from the Canton College Foundation office. SUNY Canton alumni and community members interested in contributing can do so as well. Please include “sustainability” on the memo line when writing a check.

Thank you very much for your interest in this new endeavor.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Zero-Sort Recycling

This is a reprint of information shared with faculty and staff in a slightly different format & venue earlier this semester.

To increase our recycling effort at SUNY Canton, this semester we will transition to “Zero Sort” recycling. All recyclable materials including cardboard, paper, plastic, glass and metal will be collected as a single stream and placed in a single collection container for removal by Casella. Casella is currently placing new “green” colored collection containers Zero-Sort Container near our buildings on campus labeled “Zero Sort”.

Similar “blue” colored collection containers will continue to be used for the purposes of collecting solid waste materials.

An initial order of desk side recycle containers and other miscellaneous recycle containers for public areas, etc. should be arriving in the next few weeks. The Physical Plant will deploy these containers as soon as received. All recyclable materials including cardboard, paper, plastic, glass and metal should be placed in these containers. Please be sure your bottles and cans are empty prior to recycling them. Solid waste materials should be placed in other waste receptacles located in areas common to offices, public areas, etc. Until new containers arrive, please collect your recyclables by whatever means you are currently using, cardboard box, etc.

To learn more about “Zero Sort” recycling visit

Thank you in advance for participating in this effort.

Michael R. McCormick
Director of Facilities